Nawa Yoi

Nawa=rope    &    Yoi=drunk (rhymes with toy)


Improper use of rope products may lead to tickling, giggling, poking, prodding, paddling, laughing, as well as hot steamy nights with your significant other.


  • Please Note: if you find the thought or viewing of bondage between consenting adults offensive please stop here. This page is not for you.


NawaYoi Calendar of Events


Erotic Rope Focus Group

SinCity’s First Church of Rope Ministries.

Date: Sunday December 5th, 2010
Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Where: The Erotic Heritage Museum
Cost: By Donation
Dress Code: fetish wear is encouraged, please no nudity.

Reverse Tensionz is excited to present a monthly Erotic Rope Focus Group.

The Focus Group
Our intent is for this group to be a relaxed peer to peer educational event where people practice their rope skills, share their knowledge, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and possibly rub shoulders with some well known names from the rope educational circuit.

This is also meant to be an opportunity for those who introduced themselves to us during the demonstrations we do at the Erotic Heritage museum to meet the community and enjoy a little rope fun.

Whether you are an industry professional or a raw beginner the Reverse Tensionz board of directors wants you to have a time to play with your ropes and partners with no expectations or pressure.

Rope bottoms come meet and get tied up by rope tops. Here is your chance to share your insights with tops and other rope submissives and switches.

Rope Tops come share your knowledge and tie up some rope bottoms!

This is a great chance to learn “that cool thing you saw at the party” from your peers in a safe and low key and semi-private setting.

Are you trying a tie from a book and are a little stuck with the particulars? You will have experienced riggers at your disposal to answer questions and give tips.

Look for us inside the museum where the Reverse Tensionz display gets set up for parties.

About Reverse Tensionz
Reverse Tensionz is a Las Vegas based Pan Sexual, Pan Orientation BDSM group with an emphasis on erotic rope bondage. We welcome all who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle whether you are an experienced rigger, lifestyle rope bottom or just discovering an interest in rope.

How you identify yourself is up to you, what brings us together is an interest in erotic ropes, whether it’s a minor kink or a full on fetish.

Here is a list of links where you can find us online:

Yahoo Group:…
Nawa Yoi Event Calendar:
Mateo’s Blog:


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