Pardon My Construction

Hey all,

It has been a long time since I have payed any attention to this blog.  Time to change that.

To begin I think a facelift is in order.  I am sure you will notice the new layout, and the new header.  I hope you like it, is a blend of my new logo and my old website banner.

I am still active and roping when I can.  This past year has seen Reverse Tensionz’s erotic rope focus group continue to grow, I was able to attend Shibaricon, I am currently planning a pool party, had the chance to teach some private lessons,  and I was even invited to join Midori’s Rope Dojo as a member of her Cadre.

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was to get to be a teacher’s assistant for Midori and DeLano!

That’s livin’ the dream baby!!  I was out in San Francisco for both the Jan, and June Dojos and met so many great people.  And finally I am no longer the only Grad from Las Vegas! /wewt!

I am also studying to receive certification as an ISSA Fitness Trainer, and have started a personal training business.

More on that later!  In the mean time I have become a “financial partner” with Prograde Nutrition, which is just a fancy way of saying if you click on the banner over on the left and order some product I will get a small commission on the sale.

I have been using their products for a little over two years now,  I think it is great stuff that you may like as well.  Be sure to check them out.

Anyhoo!  Thank you for your patience as I update the blog and look for updates as we go!




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4 responses to “Pardon My Construction

  1. Muse

    The logo and header are beautiful Mateo! Congrats!

    I really need to get to Las Vegas!



  2. nwmateo

    Thanks Muse, we’d love to see you.

  3. rach

    Busy, busy!
    Looks awesome =)

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