Las Vegas Kinksters Newsletter

Good Morning!

Hope this finds everyone well.  I just got a brand new newsletter put together by JayR and right up on the top was advertising for Boss’s Classes and Reverse Tensionz’ Rope Social.

I want to give Jay a huge thanks for this, we appreciate the kind support and help in getting the word out about our events and our group.

Second I want to make y’all aware of his newsletter Vegas Beat and invite everyone from this group to head over to The Vegas Beat Website and check it out.

You know the drill.  Drop in and say hello, kick around the furniture, shake things up like we do and let Jay know we appreciate all the hard work he is doing over there.

This is also a chance to build up a POSITIVE voice about Las Vegas and let the folks coming to visit us know that there is and ACTIVE and STRONG community here.  One that APPRECIATES the tourists and all the visitors that come to see us.

You know, that UNIFIED community that comes together several times each year to raise money to help children with AIDS, attend gala parties to benefit Breast Cancer Research, and has a Mentor’s Program going strong in it’s second year.

Lets get the word out that Tourists, and Drop In Conventioneers like Midori, Lee Harrington, Mick and Dee Luvbight, and Boss Bondage have an eager and willing audience for the skills, and insights that they provide us.

Here is a chance to let the Movers and Shakers of other communities like Knotnice, Geisha, and Lord Morpheous up in Toronto know that we appreciate their outreach to us and that we hope to build ties and strong relationships with people on the National, and International scene.

Any writers, or sex positive bloggers might find this a great opportunity to write up a little post about your CURRENT thoughts on the community happenings and your experiences.  Jay has informed me that he is looking for guest editors and columnists.  Here is a whole knew way to be heard.

We’ve come a long way since 2006 folks, and I am PROUD to be a part of what is happening here.

Lets pass some of that energy on to Vegas Beat and help Jay alert the world that Kinky Las Vegas is on the map, and find more productive ways of using our energy than re-hashing the Machiavellian Politik.


(you will understand all that when you get there)
/end rant

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