Thank You, and Congratulations

Xmas Bound

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank You!
The Reverse Tensionz B.O.D. would like to thank everyone who came to the Winter Edition of The Rope Social.  Y’all made the event really special yesterday and I hope everyone had a fantastic time.  Without you guys it wouldn’t happen!

I would personally like to congratulate the RTZ board of directors for taking up the reigns and putting on the most successful Rope Social to date.  Fantastic work guys, thank you and I am proud to be a part of this organizing team.

We had a lot of awesome food for the Potluck; goodies for days!  I have to say that Baron’s chili is just as good as advertised. 🙂

A special thank you to everyone that contributed to the door prize bag, I believe we had a record number of things to give away there as well.

Thanks also to the Erotic Heritage Museum for allowing us to use their Wedding Chapel for our event and class.  I hope that the Social will be the first of many successful events for the museum which is now being managed by Dr. Laura and her staff of volunteers.

I would like to invite folks to use this thread on Fetlife to tell us how we did with this event.  What was your favorite part?  What can we do to make it even better next time around?  Reverse Tensionz is all about serving your needs as a budding rope community and we need all the ideas we can get, and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Peace gang,

Twisted Monk’s Class
Don’t forget to sign up for An Evening of Sensual Bondage With Twisted Monk soon if you want to go.
This class is limited to only 30 people and will fill up fast as more people heading in for AVN find out about it.

I have been chatting with Diva in NY and Monk will be working hard to make this class worth more than the $50 ticket price.  The goodie bags he is putting together alone will be worth more than that, add to it the class, personal attention, and Q&A period and you have quite the unique experience.  I urge you to take advantage of this.

Lee Harrington

Lee will be the special guest instructor for the Spring Edition of the Rope Social.  He will be teaching two classes for RTZ.  First will be Kicking Punching and Deep Bruising, and for the rope enthusiasts Erotic Macrome.

And here is a special update Lee will also be available for private lessons while in town.  If you are interested, Lee will be teaching privates at The Erotic Heritage Museum.

Look for more information on this event in the coming days.

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