WoW: All Faction Raid For The Cure

All Faction Benefit Walk Across Azeroth

One of the reasons that World of Warcraft is such an awesome game is because of the community that has grown up around it.

John Patricelli, otherwise know as the Big Bear Butt Blogger has just recently found out that a guildie will be undergoing treatments for breast cancer.  As a show of support he and some other members of WoW are organizing an in-game march from Darnassus or Camp Narache to Booty Bay via Ratchet and the Crossroads (all cities in the game).

You can read his full post here.

There has also been a World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure donation website, a website created by John and his guildies but administered and maintained by Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Donations are encouraged, and those that donate can participate in the raffle.

I wanted to help get the word out to all my friends that play the game so I am re-posting the information here.

  • What: Cross Faction Walk Across Azeroth & Raffle
  • When: Saturday, November 14th starting at 2:00 PM Central time.
  • Where: Kael’thas (US) server Alliance to start in Darnassus, Horde to start in Camp Narache
  • What you need: A Pink Mageweave Shirt if you have one, if not there will be some handed out at several points in the walk.  Your Festive Pink Dress is also acceptable.

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One response to “WoW: All Faction Raid For The Cure

  1. Willow

    Wow. The 3-year anniversary of my Aunt Lu passing from breast cancer just went by. I think I’ll create an alt in her likeness for this…a human warrior…’cuz that’s what she was.

    Love you.

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