Seen Or Heard Backstage

...and Tigger too!

...and Tigger too!

There is a little tradition that has developed over on the Stage Left wing recently.

I will call up to the booth to ask for the candles on Phantom’s organ to make sure they are all working, and then whomever the Stage Left stage manager is will say something short and funny; usually having nothing to do with organs, candles, or even phantoms.

Me: “Hey Jason, ready for candles.”

Vida: “Hoodie, Brian is Rwaaarrrrr!!”

Me: “Brian is Rwaarrr!??”

Vida: “Yeah! Brian is mad about something.”

Me: “Ahhhh.  Hey that reminds me of an insensitive and totally inappropriate-for-work joke.  Wanna hear it?

Vida: “Sure!”

Me: “What winks and f@*ks like a tiger?”

Vida: “I don’t know, what?”

I wink.

Vida: “…”

I give her two BIG WINKS.

Vida: “… so what is it?”


I point at my  eye with both hands and furiously wink.

Vida: “Ooooooooohhhh!!  Hehe, that’s funny.”


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