The Queen of All Argyll

My fair reader, I have a secret crush.

As it has been a few years it is nice to know the ‘ole heart will still go all aflutter at the site of a member of the fairer sex.

Not that I haven’t dated, there just hasn’t been a spark lately and I am usually so busy with other activities that romance falls into the back burner catagory.

In fact I have spent time with some really wonderful women of late, and its no fault of anyone’s that the shoe didn’t quite fit.

Now however, one has caught my attention.

I was cooking breakfast the other morning and realized I was thinking about her.  The idea made me giggle.  I don’t normally giggle, I snort when I laugh on occaision but rarely do I giggle.

Have I spoken with her?  Yup, we’ve had a few conversations.  In fact that is what tipped the scales I think.

Does she know?  Nope, h@ll I don’t even know if she is available at this point.

We have much R & D to do before anything like that can happen.

In the meantime I get to enjoy all the happy fun of being “in-like” with someone without any of the messy responsibility that a relationship brings, and that makes me smile.

And you dear reader, enjoy the Silly Wizard.  🙂

Edit: If you have the time you might want to check out the video for Land O’ the Leal as well.  A beautiful song with a funny intro that includes a bit about Shamu the Killer Whale….


Gentle men it is my duty
To inform you of one beauty
Though I’d ask you of a favor,
Not to seek her for a while
Though I own she is a creature
Of character and feature
No words can paint the picture
of the Queen of all Argyll.

cho: And if you could have seen her there,
Boys if you had just been there
The swan was in her movement,
And the morning in her smile.
All the roses in the garden,
They bow and ask her pardon
For not one could match the beauty
Of the queen of all Argyll.

On that evening that I mention,
I passed with light intention
Through a part of our dear country
Known for beauty and for style
Being a place of noble thinkers,
Of scholars and great drinkers
But above them all for splendour
Shone the Queen of all Argyll

So my lads my needs must leave you,
My intention’s not to grieve you
Nor indeed would I decieve you,
Oh I’ll see you in a while
I must find some way to gain her,
To court her and to tame her
I fear my heart’s in danger
From the Queen of all Argyll


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2 responses to “The Queen of All Argyll

  1. Willow

    I’ve seen you giggle once or twice…it’s cute! *grin*


  2. nwmateo

    Hush You!


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