Personal Training Day #1

Today was my first session with Mimi, the personal trainer I signed up with to help me get into some good core training over the next 6 weeks or so.

I signed up for twice a week through mid October, I will be following Mimi’s guidence each Wed and Friday morning from 10 to 11 am, and to my surprise she also leads a Shadow Boxing class 9 am on Thursday.

Super bonus round!

I’ll be finding a quiet place in the back for that too, it is a massively aerobic workout and as a bonus I can work my martial art stances in the process.

Sweating = happy me.  It’s one of the few things I do well in this world.

The Prep.

Up at 7 am (alarm didn’t sound until 7:30 but apparently there was an itch just under Egypt’s left ear that needed immediate attention).

I brewed the coffee and trapped the cats in the bedroom in order to open up the doors and get some fresh oxygen into the house.

With coffee I did my stretching, then blended up a strawberry/almond/vanilla protein smoothie.  Grabbed a shower, packed the work out bag, drank half the smoothie and put the rest into the fridge for post workout recovery.

I hit the gym at 9:30-ish and jumped onto an elliptical machine for a 15 min warm up.  Somewhere near 9:50 I tapped on the door to let Mimi know I was in the house and would be stretching.

The Workout

Right at 10 A.M. Mimi arrived with all kinds of multi-colored implements of torture and she promptly led me through an hour’s worth of core training exorcises.  I am happy to say that I completed pretty much everything Mimi threw at me, though I was very very close to muscle exhaustion on many sets.

Throughout the work out Mimi was tough on form, and in between sets she had lots of helpful advice.  Mimi zeroed in on a few of my weak spots almost immediately.  The biggest one being my breathing.  When I have to focus on stabilizing all those core muscles I tend to breath into my upper chest rather than using my diaphram.

It’s kind of a coordination thing, once I slowed my inhales to match my exhales everything worked out.  It was really cool to feel all those tummy muscles lock in once I made the correction.

It is also good to know Mimi won’t let me cheat.  😉

Pretty soon I heard Mimi say “Ok one more set and we are done.”

“Really?  Wow that went by fast!!”

What a positive experience!  I was tired and pumped up but not crushed, and already thinking about the next workout.


Mimi finished up with the admin. side of the workout and I grabbed my thera-bands and headed out to finish things off by burning out my rotator cuffs and work some martial arts forms.

On my way back downstairs I got a big Mimi smile, unfortunately right at that moment I tripped on the stairs like a dork and wasn’t able to wave.  /sigh

As I sit here I can already feel things tightening up and I am sure I will be good and sore before hitting the sack tonight!

Funny Moment:

Me: “Phewwwwsttt!!!” *sharp exhale*

Mimi: “Did you just say the F word!!?!!”

Me: “Wha???”

Mimi: “Did you just say the F word?”

Me: “Um, no I just exhaled.  Like this; Phewwwsstt!!”

Mimi: *laughs* “Ohhh, O.K. It just sounded like you said it, I got it.”

Me: “Really?”

At this point my poor little brain goes back to all the Yoga and Pilates workouts that I have done over the years.  I hate to imagine that all those friendly folks that have put up with my weird training routines would have thought I was cussing at them this whole time.  😦

Two sets later….

Me: “Did it really…”

Mimi: “Dude, you need to let it go.”

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