All I’m Saying is a Little Notice Would Have Been Nice

We Theater folks are a territorial lot.  We like to mark our space, pretty things up a bit just to make the stark walls of theater basements and dressing rooms feel more homey.

It works in the same way that moving into a cubical or a new desk does in the rest of the work force I imagine.

Over the course of a production knick knacks, memorabilia, and what-nots will begin to adorn doors and hallways.  During holidays the seasonal decorations will appear, some never quite going away completely.

Its just a thing.

Well, today we arrived at to work at Phantom to discover the decorations had been pulled down earlier in the day an replaced with a notice from Management that nothing unapproved was to be posted… ever.  The word nothing all in caps, naturally.

I have worked my entire career in Corporate Theater, so I know that you never put anything that you wish to keep up on the walls.  We have no control over them in reality, and any building VP or Fire Marshall with a bug up their butt will have everything cleared out Yesterday.

On the other side of this we now have crew members that were unwise enough to make their space look like a high school cheerleader’s locker room.  Now they are angry that they have lost one of a kind items like wedding pictures, and memorabilia collected over a lifetime of show biz.

I hate to seem unsympathetic, and yeah it sucks that you lost it, but here is reality: strangers will be coming into our workspace tomorrow to make a subjective decision about what can stay and what will be thrown out.

If you value it, take it home.

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