Steam Cleaning

bamboostAs I move forward in my fitness and health quest (calling it Eyes on 70) I try to do one small tweak each week to my daily routine or diet.

This week I am working on two tweaks actually.  Recently I managed to stock my freezer with veggies, and have been boiling up 1-2 cups for two of my main meals each day.  This week I will be switching from boiling to steaming my veggies (and maybe my fish too) as steaming preserves the veggies nutritional content much better.

I have a bamboo steamer that fits down inside an old pyrex pot just perfectly and as I type this I am letting the steamer sit over a rolling boil of distilled water for cleaning.  The two fit together like they were made for each other.

If I remember the pyrex was a gift from Mom when I moved to Vegas, and the bamboo steamer I got from Viva, a fellow crew member at Mamma Mia.  Go fig, gifts from positive people make me healthier. 😉

I can smell the bamboo and it is kind of exciting.  I used to steam my food a lot and am happy to add this back into my life.

The bamboo steamer and pyrex pot leads me into my next tweak.  Recently I signed up for the Healthy Urban Kitchen’s nutrition program. Much of the technical info is review for me, and it is full of good information on food shopping and cooking.  The later is something I am  rather weak on, my cooking skills are limited.  😦

Reading through the section about cooking utensils I was reminded that non-stick surfaces and alluminum cookware release toxic chemicals when heated.  I actually knew this from my time spent being a bird owner.  Many of the bird owner’s guides recommended cooking in a separate room from the birds because they are very sensitive to theses chemicals, and can be easily harmed by them.

The connection that I didn’t make is that the food we eat is absorbing these toxins.  So here I was saving my birds and then ingesting the harmful chemicals I was protecting them from.


So to make a short story long, this week I am breaking out the old stainless steel and pyrex cookware.  I’ll be looking for a new set soon, and the older stuff is going into the recycle bin.

There you have it, my tweak for the week.

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