Rope Cutting and Pizza

Ding! Your Order Is In….

Date: Sunday August 20th

Place: Erotic Heritage Museum Breezeway

Time: 2 to 3 pm. Cost: Free / donations to cover the cost of food appreciated.

Hey there party people.

If you took advantage of Ropester’s initiative to do a group order of MFP rope your order has arrived!

We are planning an impromptu gathering to distribute the rope and, for those inclined, chow down on a little pizza.

The basic plan is to mark off the lengths to cut on the floor with a measuring tape, and then cut your rope right off the spool while you watch.

I will try to have a rope cutting tool with me, if that doesn’t work out we will cut the rope and temporarily finish it with E-tape.

The museum has been kind enough to grant us access to their breezeway for no charge, however if you wish to stay and check out the new exhibits you will need to purchase a ticket to enter the museum itself.

If you purchased rope, or just want to hang with rope enthusiasts and eat pizza I will be at the SinCity D/s Munch this Friday to spread the word and take a collection up to purchase Pizza and Drinks.

Thanks again Ropester for such an outstanding job putting this together!

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