Treasure Hunt


My bff at work has recently been swiping lamps (bulbs for you non theater folks) and hiding them away in a super secret stash now that they are something of a limited resource.

When we have used our monthly allotment he likes to have them for the units he is responsible for; or he will swoop in when one of mine needs a lamp and I am out for the day.

I think he likes to “save the day” as it were.

I had the distinct pleasure of raiding his cache and using the last one in one of my units while he watched on in dissapproval.

The best is watching him feign innocence; “I can’t imagine how they got put in the blue equipment cabinet, on the bottom shelf, under the Stack of Mac2K Main PC boards. No, really….”

Who says office poltics can’t be fun?


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2 responses to “Treasure Hunt

  1. Willow

    So that “bff” IS dripping with sarcasm? *grin*

  2. nwmateo

    Sarcasm? Me? Nah, I stopped using sarcasm back in ’95. I got tired of being stared at.


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