Password Protected Posts

Hey Party People,

You are going to begin seeing a few posts here and there get password protected.  The point of this is not really to hide anything from the internet.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t take much of a hacker to work past a basic Word Press account’s security measures.

The  point is that in the future I would like to be able to post things that are not necessarily work-safe, or maybe a post I’d like to keep off the search engines.

I don’t think it surprises anyone that I have known for any length of time that I didn’t make it through the first 40 years without one or two delicious kinks developing in my personal life.

I treat my kinks like I treat my religion and politics. I am completely open to sharing them with anyone that has an open mind, however there are people to whom this material is offensive.

By putting a password on certain posts will help keep them from turning up at inappropriate moments; for example, if this blog is being followed on Facebook or in an RSS feed.

In this way I hope that those people who follow me but aren’t into a kinky lifestyle can be spared from any unpleasant surprises.

None of these post are going to be terribly graphic or obscene, mostly they will be erotic works or classes I may be teaching.  They are simply things I want to keep under the radar as such.

The thing is, everyone is welcome to read them.  I will be happy to give you the password.

If you are curious all you need to do is contact me via email or text and ask what the password is.  I will send it to you promptly (I hope) and you can use it to view those password protected posts.  It will be fairly obvious to most why the password is there once you see the material.

I plan on the password remaining the same and being very simple.

And then I can rest assured that some long lost friend, relative, or future employer won’t fall over with a heart attack after finding my blog.

Don’t worry about how well you know me, whether you are a long time friend or if you have just stumbled upon my blog, feel free to get said password.  Seriously,  if I didn’t want the information or images on the net I certainly wouldn’t post it in a blog now would I?

And I figure if you are really that curious then taking a moment to enter a password wont be too much trouble…right?

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