Ventrilo on an iMac – Setting it up

Note: This is actually a re-post from my World of Warcraft blog called Misdirected.  Recently I have not been playing as much as I used to and my postings there have dwindled down to a mere trickle.

This particular post is one that is constantly getting hits, so I am hoping that it is still useful and pertinent to the Mac user base out there no matter what game they are using Vent for.  I am re-posting it here just in case my days of trying to run two blogs are starting to dwindle.

Anyhoo!  On with setting up Ventrilo on your Mac….

Setting Up Vent on an iMac

If you are a Mac user like myself getting Ventrilo set up can be a confusing  process. I thought I would take the time to write up a step by step set of instructions to help guide other Mac Addicts through it all.

I hope you find this useful.

Getting your Mac ready

  1. Open your Mac’s System Preferences
  2. Select the Universal Access option.
  3. At the bottom of the Universal Access window you will see a check box labled Enable Access for Assistive Devices. Make sure that option is selected.
  4. Close the system preferences window and restart your computer for the change to take effect.

Download the Ventrilo Client Software.

  1. Click Here to go to the Ventrilo downloads page.
  2. Select the appropriate software for your machine and download it.
  3. Run the installer.

Setting up Ventrilo

  1. Start up the Ventrilo program
    1. Click on the black arrow next to the User Name drop down window
    2. Click on the New button and enter your user information.
    3. Click OK to save the information
  2. Click on the black arrow next to the Server drop down window.
    1. Enter the IP address that your guild has provided for you.
    2. Enter the Port number your guild has provided for you.
    3. Enter the Password your guild has provided for you.
    4. Click OK to save the information.
  3. Click on the black arrow next to the Bindings drop down window
    1. Click on the New button in the Setup Bindings Window
    2. Name your new Binding settings. I called it Push To Talk
    3. Click on the Add button in the lower left hand corner of the Setup Bindings window.
    4. Push the button you want to be your Push to Talk Button in game and write it down, you will need this info later.
    5. Verify that the PTT Advanced option is selected in the function drop down list.
    6. Click OK to save the options.
    7. A new window pops up called Edit PTT Advanced. Select Current channel from the Transmit Style drop down window.
    8. Click OK to save your settings.
  4. Click on the Setup button on the right hand side of the main Ventrilo window.
    1. Verify that outgoing voice communications and Use Push-To-Talk (PTT Mode) are both enabled.
    2. Select your PTT Hotkey in the Hotkey window. It is the same that you set the binding for earlier.
    3. Check the Sound Output and Sound Input windows to be certain your headset is selected.
    4. Click OK to save your settings.
  5. Push the connect button to connect to the Ventrilo server and see if you can talk to your guildies.

Setting up in game

  1. Start up World of Warcraft
  2. Press Esc. to bring up the Options window
  3. Select Sound & Voice from the Options window
    1. Select the Voice tab at the bottom of the new window
    2. Make sure that Push To Talk is selected under the Voice Chat Mode drop down window.
    3. Beneith the PTT selection enter the key on your keypad you want to activate your mic. It should be the same that you entered earlier in this set up process.
    4. Make sure your headset is selected in the Microphone and Speakers drop down windows.
    5. Click OK to save your settings.

Test it out. Push your mic hotkey and see if your guildies can hear you.

Common Errors

If you can talk to your guildies when you are in the Ventrilo program itself, but NOT when in game go back to the Getting Your Mac Ready section and make sure you have enabled assistive devices.

If you get the following message:

Failed to get encoder for secified Codec. This client platform currently supports only the Speex codec. The server and/or channel is configured to use the ‘GSM 6.10′ codec’

It means that your guild’s Ventrilo server is not set to use the Speex codec.
You will need to approach your guild leaders about changing the settings in the main Ventrilo account. This may need to be changed in both the global settings and in the individual channel settings.

Please feel free to add tips and comments about your experiences, this can be a very frustrating point in gaming as a Mac user.


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